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Publications in the William Perkins Bull Historical Series

The William Perkins Bull Historical Series was published between 1931 and 1941 as follows:

  • M 'n N Canadiana, (1931, 2nd. ed. 1934) – an annotated bibliography of Canadian literary achievements
  • From Medicine Man to Medical Man (1934) – a record of a century and a half of progress in the areas of health and sanitation, as exemplified by the developments in Peel County
  • From Rattlesnake Hunt to Hockey (1934) – a study of the history of sports in Canada and the sportsmen of Peel County from 1789-1934, outlining the early history of each sport
  • The Perkins Bull Collection (1934, 2nd ed. 1935) -- a collection of historical paintings by Canadian artists illustrating pioneers and their way of life in the County of Peel
  • From Brock to Currie (1935) – a study of the military development and exploits of Canadians, with special emphasis on the men of Peel
  • Spadunk, or from Paganism to Davenport United (1935) – a study of the cultural and religious history of Ontario, tracing the history of the district from the times when prehistoric Lake Iroquois covered the whole of lower Toronto, close to which stands the Davenport United Church
  • From hummingbird to eagle (1936) – an account of North American birds appearing in Peel County
  • From the Boyne to Brampton (1936) – a compilation of interesting and important data pertaining to the progress of the Orange Order in Canada
  • From Spring to Autumn (1937) – an account of wildflowers found native in the meadows and copses of Peel County
  • From Amphibians to Reptiles (1938) – an account of reptiles and amphibians in southern Ontario
  • From Strachan to Owen (1938, 2nd ed. 1939) – traces the history of the Church of England in the province of Ontario, with particular reference to Peel County
  • From Macdonell to McGuigan (1939) – traces the growth of the Roman Catholic Church in Ontario
  • From Oxford to Ontario (1941) - a history of the Downsview Community; a salute to the early churches and settlers of Ontario.
  • Bull’s son-in-law Harry Symons wrote Fences in 1958, based on Bull's manuscript "From Roots to Railings".


The Collection today

Bull's collection of research notes, photographs and works of art was divided amongst several institutions by the Perkins Bull Foundation.  The Archives of Ontario received approximately half of the textual and graphic material in two accruals, one in 1947 and one in 1961.  The other half was dispersed to the General Synod Archives of the Anglican Church, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto Archives, the United Church/Victoria University Archives and Trent University.  Artifacts were made available to the Peel County Historical Society for its museum, now the Region of Peel Museum.  Works of art, collected for the Perkins Bull Historical Series, are held by Victoria University.  Reproductions of engraving and maps are held by Trent University Archives.

Reunification of the collection began in the 1980s, and by 1993 much of the collection had been transferred or loaned to the Region of Peel Archives.  Bull's published works, part of Series 5 (Families Research Files) is available, on microfilm, at the Archives of Ontario, the Chinguacousy Branch of the Brampton Library and the Central Library of the Mississauga Library System.  Part of Series 3 (Cemeteries Research Files) is available at the Archives of Ontario on microfilm.  Some original research notes are also available at the Chinguacousy  Branch of the Brampton Library.

All monographs are out of print, and the research notes are in extremely fragile condition.  Much of the paper used was newsprint. 


Can I see the original items?

Most of the material on this website can be viewed at:

However, access to some material may be restricted due to fragility.

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Last updated: June 2009

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